Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, let's start off with some basic info, shall we?

I'm a Christian first and foremost. Jesus is the most important person in my life and I can vividly see His hand in my life guiding me to the right places, meeting the right people, putting me in the right circumstances to succeed in the plan that He set up for me. It's truly been an adventure and I continue to thank Him for it, so if you don't want to hear a bunch of mushy Yay Jesus talk then you'd best find a different blog to subscribe to because with me it's all about Jesus.

As far as my life until this point goes, I've lived in the same little city in the same little neighborhood in the same (not that little) house the entire 21 years of my life thus far. I've lived with 8 geeky siblings (yes, eight), though about half of them have gone off to live other places now. Only five of us are still at home--my two oldest brothers, younger sister and my adorable little 6-year-old sister. And my parents, of course.

I'm currently employed at Starbucks as a Shift Supervisor and I love my job. Who wouldn't love working at a coffee shop where you get free drinks while working, 30% discount when not, free 1 lb of coffee per week (or tea or VIA or even boxed chai...). Kind of amazing. Oh yes, and helping customers is great, too. No, really--I'm honestly so proud of what Starbucks does for their communities and how they reach out to people and communities in need--actually using their Corporate power to help people. Another reason I love my job.

Moving on, June 11th of this year I had my big 21st birthday and can now legally drink and all that fun stuff (whatever--no big deal). 3 days later, I graduated from community college with my AA in Japanese and a plan to keep moving onward (kind of a bigger deal).

I applied for the University of Washington (Seattle campus) in February and on the 22nd of June received my letter of acceptance and--let me tell you--definitely in the top greatest moments of my life.
True story.

Honestly, I'm planning to eventually turn this blog into a vlog--mostly because I talk too much. No, really, you couldn't tell already? Check out the length of this post and I haven't even started yet! I can get so much more out when I'm directly talking to people (maybe because I talk too fast?) and also because, although I can type pretty fast, it takes me WAY too long to type up every single blog post I would ever want to write--time that could be spent doing so many other things--like making more blog/vlog posts!

However, until I can actually get a decent camera (all I have now is my 3DS camera which... works... kinda... but not nearly well enough for the quality I would need for the real deal vlog I've envisioned), I've decided that I really need to document important things and processes that will eventually lead up to my vlog at UW.

Starting with The Letter.

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