Thursday, August 2, 2012

Victory is Near...

      So, I know it's been a bit but not a whole lot has been happening that's been worth an entire blog post so I waited until a few things piled up so I could write about them all at once. Oh, and that picture up there? Kinda couldn't think of anything else to put up for this blog post. That's a game of Risk that I've been playing with my siblings--it's been on hold for a bit as we slowly play our way through it amidst differing schedules. And yes, that is Mordor you're seeing, as well as Gondor and other surrounding lands, for those fans who noticed. Lord of the Rings Risk, naturally. Oh, and those red orcs horded together in Mordor? Yeah, they're mine. All part of the plan, don't worry. Mordor will prevail!!! ....I mean, where was I? Oh, yes--UW--this is a blog about UW.

     Coming back (reality--ew), through much trial and tribulation, I was finally able to sign up for an Advising and Orientation (A&O) Session at UW, set for exactly two weeks from today on Thursday, August 16th. And, let me tell you, it was one heckuva journey to get there.
See, I had originally scheduled the date to be July 25th--and that was a day before I came back to work when as far as I'd seen the day before, the schedule for that week wasn't posted yet so we're all good, right? --Wrong.
Came back the very next day to see that I was scheduled to work ALL day July 25th. Mind you, this was really my fault. There is definitely a request-off binder in the back which I could have and should have used for this specific date but did I? Nah, who needs that? So, needless to say, I was in a bind (no pun intended. Haha, binders, in a bind--I'm so funny... okay, not really).

     I did all I could to get the shift covered with no results. It's hard enough getting coverage as a Barista but as a Supervisor? Forget about it (did I mention before that I work at Starbucks? Well, I do--and it's awesome, in case anyone's wondering--except that shift coverage business can tend to get just a tad tricky every now and again). So I worked for a while on seeing if anyone would be available for a shift in the near future and since I found little luck in that department, decided to just bite down and take the A&O session further out in August (and a big thanks again to my fabulous manager for making it happen for me!).

     The thing about the A&O session that's so urgent is that you aren't allowed to register for classes without first attending this session. Pain in the neck, let me tell you. I mean, go Huskies and all but... yeah, I tried to see if I could set up my own session since none of their times were working out with my schedule but it turns out you're not allowed to even speak with any other advisers until said session has taken place. Really? --Reallly?

     So.......... yeah, fun times and that. This may also be a subconscious reason for that picture at the top. Feel like I'm fighting battles here, sometimes. ...As an orc, I guess, if we're being literal. Not sure how I feel about that. Kinda think an orc would just smash any opposition. Maybe that's why you don't see any in college...
I'm way over-thinking this.


     I've also gotten a good head-start on housing ops, as well. Found this great-sounding place--a group of Christian people who own a freaking MANSION and house a bunch of other college girls and host Bible studies and support each other and have events and super happy fun times. Or something like that.
The rent it seems is going to be about the same as anywhere else in Seattle but for this kind of environment? --Worth it. More details if I actually end up getting in. I'm still working through the whole application process so far. We'll see how it goes--keep your fingers crossed for me on this one, friends--it looks like it's a great place!