Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Life Gives You Forms...

Money and forms (Media Credit: Dustin Edwards)
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So, the Orientation letter finally came and (get this) apparently it had been around for maybe a few days already when I just happened to be straightening some things in my room and found it in there. Obscured by some other papers. On the floor. Yeah, did I mention I have a lot of siblings? Let's just say mail can be an issue, sometimes.

Anyways, found it, read it, found out that I needed to actually ACCEPT their acceptance letter (who knew?) via a few forms I had to fill out along with a $272 Orientation Fee which I needed to enclose.
First off, let's just note that I already had to fork over $60 just to apply to the college and now I have to add nearly $300 to accept the fact that I was accepted? Explain that one to me please because my wallet isn't getting it. Unfortunately, life goes on and so does UW, whether or not you want to pay their orientation fee--or the price for a stamp, since the envelope they sent me to return the forms wasn't prepaid. Boo. So, the total bill so far for JUST applying to UW--I'm not even officially there yet, mind you--is currently $332.47 (yes, I'm counting the $0.47 stamp). Remember everyone, saving is important. And I haven't even started to think about buying books yet. ...Except for just then when I wrote that sentence. Ouch.

But... you know what? I'm in, so that's all the complaining about it I'll do for now (no promises for later, though). On a lighter note, I actually mailed the letter off to UW this morning. Yup, got up around 8-ish and rode my bike the mile 1/2 up to the post office (good morning for it) sending it off 2 days before the July 5th deadline--which is a considerable feat for me, considering that not only did I find the letter on the 29th--a Friday, with no mail going out on weekends, mind you--but I usually tend to... have a not-so-awesome habit of... procrastinating (let's not mention how I got my application in to UW a whole 6 days before the deadline... ). I don't like procrastinating and really am trying to get over it, so this is a good first step, right? Right. I knew you'd agree.
Also, I've been working on those leads for some housing options (more details later) so hopefully I'm on the right track for actually having a place to live once I start classes in September. Kind of important. Still have to find a Starbucks to transfer to up there, too. Oh, and got the official quarter start date: September 24th, 2012. Marked it on my calendar. Big things ahead. Excited.
Go Huskies!!

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